After 8years of abnormal smears etc..cin3

I have had abnormal smears for the last 8years!

Im 27 and for 8-9years had troubles with pain,abnormal bleeding etc.6yrs ago I had a coloscopy/biopsy which resulted in cin1/hpv. Every 6months I've gone for a smear..2weeks ago I had a cervical screening had very quickly got my results back- servere dyskaryosis (cin3?).. Now have 2weeks till my next coloscopy appointment. Not gonna lie.. But this time au am feel a little nervous. anyone been through it? I know it's gonna be fine, but just want to see how others have gone xx

Hi Laura.. you are me 3 years ago! Almost exactly the same thing. I am now on yearly smear tests after 2 x LLETZ and all mostly OK so far. Aren't we lucky that we had access to smear tests from a young age.

It is harder the second time around having to go to colposcopy, as it feels like it should have all been over with and gotten rid of. It is nerve wracking but you know what to expect now. Remember to have someone come with you and I took 2 days off work as even if you feel OK physically it can be a very emotional time. In fact I think I felt worse emotionally after the second round as I understood it more.

You are quite right, it will be fine, wishing you the best of luck xx