Afraid of symptoms

Recently had first smear at 26 (should have had it a full year ago, feel awful about that...) that showed mild diskaryosis and low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion. 


I also have symptoms: pain during sex and bleeding post sex. I only realised after my smear test that these were symptoms of cervical cancer. I've always problems with pain during sex, sex has always been difficult so I always thought I had vaginismus. I've only really been able to have sex properly in the last couple of years and that's when the bleeding has started.


I've been referred to a gynaecologist anyway but it'll take at least 2 months to get an appointment. I'm just so worried because post-coital bleeding seems to be such a strong warning of cancer. I've also convinced myself I've had leg pains in the last few days. 


Has anyone been through something similar?

Hi Robin,

Sorry to hear you are suffering. From what i know bleeding is a possible symptom of cervical cancer, but it can indicate other things too that are not cancer. If you're worried you could ask to speak to your GP again, or you could try someone like Macmillan.

I know it's horrible to wait when you're worried. If it reassures you a little, I went back and forth with this problem for over 2 years before I was diagnosee with a cancer. Sometimes it's good just to be on someone's radar.





i have had very sam symptoms to you.. My gp alsp found a growth- take comfort from the fact your gp has not referred you urgently- if they suspected anything you would have been referred as an urgent case.. Keep us updated xx 

Very wise words from both of you :-)

Be lucky


Thanks for your replies. It's so hard not to worry so I guess it'll just be a tough couple of months before I see the gynaecologist. I've had the sexual problems for years so at least the test didn't pick up any more serious changes. I just can't think of any other explanation for my symptoms now, and can't help thinking they might have missed something on the test because aren't mild changes not supposed to show any physical symptoms?