Afraid I have waited to long

No judgments please. To late to go back in time.. just looking for somewhere to release until I can get into a doctor.

During my pregnancy in 2009 I was told I had abnormal cells and they wanted to do a colposcopy and diagnosed me with HPV. I never did it, and actually switched doctors.

2017 during another pregnancy same thing, and again I did nothing. Had a lot going on in my life along side some major depression. 

Gave birth January 2018 and had a placental abruption and almost died and my baby almost did as well. Since my period came back it has been extremely heavy.. and has over the last few months been lasting almost 2 weeks with brown foul discharge passing in between periods, painful sex (have had pain during sex for years) and cramping even when I am not menstruating. I am fatigued constantly, and my body aches, specially my back. 

I am scared that I may have cervical cancer. I know only a doctor can tell me if I do or not and I will get in to see one when I can. No insurance and am from the states so makes it a little more difficult. My aunt passed away from cervical cancer and the reality that I may have this has just hit me recently. Wondering what some symptoms of those who have had it had?

Godspeed you know what you have to do make that appointment right away as you say only a doctor can tell you what si happening. Good luck x

Please make the appointment your priority I know money can be tight but your health is your well big hugs xxx

I totally agree with the others.  You must go.