Advise 9 months post LETZ after severe abnormalities

Hi ladies,

I had LETZ in June 2016 after my first smear came back with severe changes. The LETZ confirmed CIN 3 and HPV present. What had worried me is that initially they said that the margins from the LETZ wasn’t clear and my case would be discussed but it was likely I would need further treatment. A week later I got another letter saying the margins were clear and I would be called back in 6 months for another smear. At the time I thought this was strange, thinking well which letter was wrong?? But seen as I knew I’d be going back in 6 months just accepted it.

I went back for my 6 month smear but it came back as insufficient! So have had to wait another 3 months to be re tested which I will have done in a couple of weeks. Has anyone else had similar problems with being told margins weren’t clear and then they are? I’m worried as I just haven’t felt right for a few months, have had a lot more abdominal/lower back ache in between periods than usual, and one month had some bleeding in between periods which I’ve never had before. I can’t help but think I may have still had CIN 3 cells left after LETZ which could have turned nasty.


Hi there! I'm new to this so probably cant be as helpful as the other members, but I just wanted to say that you should be really persistant and ask for another Colposcopy, as they might be able to detect a lot more than a smear test. I've had similar issues with correspondence (My first letter arrived open, and my appointments letter didn't follow!) If you still have the phone number for where you had your LETZ treatment carried out, you could even give them a ring regarding the letters you received - as they should still have the information on file and might be able to advise you as to whether or not you had clear margins after the LETZ. You deserve to know, and it sounds as though they might have made an error at some point (obviously one of the letters is wrong!) Regardless, they can see more from a colposcopy - it would be worth getting one, even if it's for peace of mind!

Good luck anyhow, I wish you all the best! Smile

Thank you, I have another smear next week so I will see what happens with that And take it from there. It's just annoying how long these things drag on for!! Good luck to you too xx