Hi ladies I'm after some advice. I had my first smear in August, well, I went and after 4 attempts they couldn't  do it so sent me as a emergency referral to my local hospital, I was took in for a appointment where they checked everything over and suspected polyps. They also did a swab and a smear at this appointment and I was refered for surgery for the polyp removal. I then got a phone call that my smear results had come in and were abnormal, I was taken into theatre as a emergency 3 days later and had a colposcopy a hysterscopy and a procedure to remove a polyp I can't remember the name of. After surgery I was informed there was no polyp found and they had frozen the line of my womb as it was in the wrong place. They said they hope this would stop any after sex bleeding and during pain. They also took a punch biopsy and a cone biopsy.  i caught a infection after surgery which also needed treatment. waited the 4-6 weeks they advised after surgery during this I noticed a lump appear down there, was painful but enough that I noticed. It then disappeared and I thought no more. I then noticed this lump re appear yesterday and it's now causing me discomfort and  the after sex bleeding has now returned. This lump also causes discomfort during. The biopsy results came back as CIN 1 with no further treatment and a repeat smear in 12 months. Very confused about it all and if I should be concerned or not?!


        I sounds like you've been through the ringer. That seems normal protocol for CIN1 i think, but with all the other problems you've been experiencing it seems like an abrupt end. If i was you i would phone the consultants receptionist and request a phone consultation with them, to A) explain what exactly they've found, B) ehat they did, and C) why you have a lump again.

If i was you i would not be content with just waiting 12 months especially with the haste that they acted with before, for them now to slam the breaks on is worrying for you and from past experience sometimes they dont always explain stuff in away thats enough for us as patients to take in.

hope that helps xx