I have been reading the forums of peoples experiences of being told they need to go 

for further tests at a colposcopy clinic and iam worried. I received a letter last week saying

due to my results I need to be referred.  However it didnt say if i had moderate or severe results.This

has worried me that they have not put the reason on the letter for a reason. Has anyone else had this experience. 


Hi Hun,


i can can understand why your feeling really worried. I had a routine smear and my letter for colposcopy appt arrived before the one telling me the smear result. They need to do the colposcopy to have a look at your cervix.... the Dr told me my grading before he did the colposcopy and drew pics n explained it all really well then confirmed it all after the procedure.... I don't think they like to put too much in letters generally cos it's better to explain in person n answer your questions.... 


Good luck x x x

Thanks for your reply, I know I shouldn't worry to much , its the wait thats the worst your mind goes into overdrive. 

But reading other peoples experiences helps . Thanks again x 


Hi ladies,

I am kind of in the same boat here. I'm 34, always had no problem with my smear tests. Went for my routine one about 8 months ago. It came back saying they had detected abnormalities. I was told they would do a repeat in 6 months. I've just had the results of my second one back and all it says is there's more abnormal results and they are referring me to the hospital for a coloscopy and I'll hear in 8 weeks with an appointment. Thankfully a week later I have an appointment for 3rd feb. I'm noe getting increasingly anxious. My doctor has said nothing re my abnormal smears. The only communication I've had is via the letters I've been sent. I haven't been in the best of health for the last year, was diagnosed with glandular fever approx 18 mths ago and I've never seemed to get over it. They now think that I have post viral fatigue. I'm concerned as I've bern feeling unwell and I guess your mind just runs away with you and you wonder if it's because of something more serious. I've literally had hundreds of blood tests etc. please someone who has been through this put my mind at ease! Also, has anyone had abnormal cells post coil? I had the mirena and I swear I've never been the same since I had it (was removed 2 years ago)