advice urgently needed, I think I have cc

Hiya, any advice would be great as I can't stop worrying! Please be truthfully honest 

I found a lump on the 13th Jan, I saw my doctor and nurse on the 21st, he done an external examination felt the lump on my groin and I had an internal he took a smear and I think he took something else as I felt him scraping, he got the nurse to look as well and the both nodded there heads at each other,

When he was finished he sat me down asked about mysymptoms, I have random bleeding but I'm also on the depot witch can cause that, I also bleed after sex and have pain during.

He said (a long the lines of) try not to worry it could be something less serious, but with the examination and symptoms there's more chance of cancer, there is also visible abnormalities.

He then said he's booking me for an urgen colposcopy, I have it on the 11th Feb.

II think I've convinced my self I have cancer I'm only 21 with 2 children.

Also I don't know weather I should tell this to my colposcopist but I have signs of pregnancy but 7 negative preg tests later are making me worried, I've lost my appetite can only eat small amounts and the get full I've went whole fays without eating and I'm not even hungry, I'm loosing weight but my jeans around my waist are getting tighter??, I can be doing nothing and get apsalutly shattered, I'm having pain in my lower back and  abdoman, also have a dull ache in my groin where my lump is, and I have diarreah quite a lot. 

Also when i had my second child i bleed really heavy continuously for 4 months then had to get key hole surgery, they told me I had dried blood being my uterous 

I don't want to read and run but don't have much experience of this as I had no significant symptoms. 

However I think you definitely need to tell all this to the colposcopist.  You will probably get a form to fill in which you can use to note all this down. However I would write down all your symptoms including the bowel related ones on a piece of paper and take it with you so you don't forget anything. Do remember you may not get diagnosis there and then at your appointment as they may need to do tests first. However it is a good place to ask questions and if you don't get the answers you want you could ask to speak to the gynae nurses. 

This must all be so worrying for you sending u lots of love >:D< 

Thank you so much for your reply, I deffo think something is going on as I've done 7 preg tests and they have all been negative and I'm on contraception, also I haven't had any results back from my smear my Dr just sent Mr straight for a colposcopy, do you think that's a cause for concern? X 

I think the doc probably erred on side of caution given you have symptoms. Also remember some areas have longer waits for booking colposcopies than others ( and maybe longer wants for smears to come back) so this sounds like a good doc looking after their patient. Lookin at your timescale for your docs visit and the colposcopy date for an urgent one I think this must be why.  I would say try not to worry as they will be able to give you some info at the colposcopy but I also know it's agony waiting so sending you lots of xxx 

Thank you, the not knowing anything is the worst as I don't even know the results of the smear and I have my colposcopy tomorrow, do you think they would be able to give me some info there? Xx


Good luck for tomorrow. I don't think they generally like to commit to anything without having the answers in black and white, hopefully your smear results will be available as it can take quite a few days for them to be posted out. When they do the colposcopy they will take your history and ask you about all those things you mentioned above. As you have a lump and have been directly referred I am sure they will rush through any biopsies you have and hopefully get you some answers as quickly as possible. It is really really unlikely for someone your age to have cc, but that is not to say that it can't happen. I really wish you all the best and send you a big hug for tomorrow.