Advice/tips needed for Radio/Chemo & Brachy Please!

Hello everyone :)

So, after what feels like a million billion scans of every flavour, I have my treatment plan; 5 weeks of Radio/Chemo and 2 weeks of Brachy.

What's your best advice and tips for getting through the treatment?
I was going to take my knitting in on chemo days to give me something to do, did/does anyone else do that?

Any essentials for taking with me to brachy?


Hugs & Love

Megsmaw  xx


Hi megsmaw defintley take something to entertain your self while your having chemo because your literally just sat there on a drip for a few hrs! I use to take magazines with me. How well you will be able to knit with a drip in your arm am not sure? Because sometimes if my hand was in a funny position it would make my machine go off! I use to have to sit with it straight on a pillow. I didn't take anything to my brachytherapys with me because I had to lie flat on my bk for a few hrs I just took the time to sleep or watch the hospital tv were you could tilt it so you could see the screen. But you could take a book and read. Good luck with your treatment hu. take care xx

Hi megsmaw,

I took needlepoint in with me for the chemo sessions but couldn't do it partly because of the drip in my arm and partly because it was frowned upon. I don't think they like you to even try to move your hands around too much. Whether this is because it increases blood flow or not I have no idea. You could take a book or a magazine. We had the TV on in my room, though I couldn't understand it, being all in Greek. You might be able to strike up a conversation with someone next to you. Someone else in there had an iPad and watched films with headphones on. Mostly I just nodded off and slept.

For the radiotherapy I recommend drinking liquid Aloe Vera every day. Apparently radiotherapy is a little bit like having sunburn inside your digestive system and Aloe Vera helps with the burns.

There's nothing you can do during brachy, but it only lasts a matter of seconds. If you have a book or knitting for your time in the waiting room that should do you fine.

Go well


Thank you!  :D

I think I'll take a wee bag of different things with me just to see what's possible.  I have an ipad but I might have a scrap on my hands as the other half has claimed it for watching while he waits on me. :)



Your other half is going to be waiting with you/for you? Oh you lucky girl! Get him a sudoku book or a crossword puzzle ;-) He'll be in a far better position to cope with those than you will, tell him I said YOU need the iPad :-D

Be well