Advice Smear after LLETZ

Hello it’s my first time posting ,
I just need some one to talk to I feel like I’m losing my mind- after having a LLETZ treatment in sept 23 for CIN3 and ‘my cervix not looking as it should ‘ I really thought this would be over, I had a 6 month smear in March it came bk high hpv again, so 2 weeks ago I had a colposcopy I had a fair few biopsies taken , I’ve received the letter and it says transformation zone 3 an unsatisfactory colposcopy- area of dense acetowhite change in endocervical canal, & change on ectocervix is contained mosaicism is and iodine negative… this to me seems alot of change in 6 months, and having no clue on what any of it means is scaring me so much , am I worrying unnecessarily, I’d be so greatful for any advice or someone who has been through similar. I can’t cope having to wait Upto 4 weeks for results :slightly_frowning_face:
Thank you x