Advice REALLY needed regarding AGC/CGIN

Hi there, so I posted in the colposcopy forum but didn’t get a response because I think most people there have CIN. I hope someone can help me here.

A quick background… 6 months ago I was treated for CIN3 and CIS and I have just had my 6th month follow-up colposcopy and pap smear, doctor said all looked fine. I was called in 2 days later and told I now have Atypical Glandular Cells. The doctor called the lab to re-run the pap smear and confirm… they did and said it was definitely AGC. I immediately went in for a cervical canal curettage and endometrial biopsy. (OUCH BTW) I just got a call from the nurse and she said that the results from the biopsies were fine and to just book a 6 month follow up.

My questions are of concern because I did some research online while waiting for the biopsy results and I thought that if the biopsy results came back negative then you were supposed to have a D&C and hysteroscopy. I also read that because AGC are so rare many gynaecologists don’t know how to deal with the follow up and it is best to see a GYNO/ONC. I feel really lucky that the pap smear was able to pick up the AGC and to just say now it’s fine come back in 6 months seems weird if not reckless. I asked the nurse to get the doctor to call me tomorrow to discuss the results and why she wants to leave it so I don’t know what I should be saying. Like insist on further investigation or just give up.

Should I go to see a GYNO/ONC?

Thank you in advance

Hi Bahar,

The answer to this depends on how stressed/calm you are likely to be waiting six months for another examination. Personally, I put my faith in doctors. I trust them and I don't believe they would ever be 'reckless'. Cervical cancer is very slow to grow and develop and since you have atypical cells, but not cancer, then waiting is the best thing. You cannot treat a cancer that isn't there. However, having said that, if you are likely to be anxious and stressed during the next six months then go and see a gynoncologist to put your mind at rest.

Be lucky :-)