Advice re borderline tumour

Hi all, I'm new to this and this is my first post. I'm looking some advice/ guidance or other people's experience of this. I'm 26 year's old and my fiancé and I do not have any children although would love a chance to have a family of our own. I was diagnosed this year with a borderline tumour on the right ovary (9cm x 6cm x 5cm). I had my first surgery on 2nd July to remove the right ovary tube and the tumour,  however when my consultant did his ward round next day he said that the tumour had obviously burst several times and had healed itself and also spread to the left ovary & he therefore had to remove around half of this ovary along with biopsies of the ommentum and lymph nodes. All biopsy results were borderline and he hoped that he could monitor me for a while as he was confident that he removed it all. Following this I went for a check up in August and unfortunately a cyst appeared on the remaining left ovary.  I was then sent for mri and ct scans and it was explained to me that there was a 5cm cyst on the left ovary however the womb looked clear. My consultant booked me in for a second surgery on the 16th October and he removed the cyst leaving behind some ovarian tissue,  he also removed all of the ommentum and biopsies of the surface of the womb & the bowel. I recently went for my follow up appointment and for results on 27th October and it was a different consultant who had been on the first surgery but not the second. My main consultant was on holiday. She explained to me that my case was discussed at a recent mdt meeting and they had concerns following my second surgery that things may be progressing a bit although still borderline. She said that there was another tumour between the womb & the bowel (first time I or my family were made aware of this) and that they are recommending completion surgery I.e. full hysterectomy and removing part of my bowel with the possibility of either temporarily or permanently having a colostomy bag in place. Not only was I in utter shock at the idea of all of this but this second tumour between the womb & the bowel had apparently been there fromthe first surgery (although they thought they removed it all even though I was never aware it was there). We asked our options on fertility and nothing was very positive as she was unable to answer most questions re statistics facts and figures about this borderline issue. I'm devastated beyond belief at facing this at only 26 and would appreciate anyone who may have experienced what I am going through. My next appointment is not until mid November and I have so many unanswered questions. 

Many thanks ::-D xx


I am sorry I can't offer you any advice re fertility,but I am sure someone will

be along soon to help you.

I am not sure what you mean by borderline tumours.Sorry if I'm been abit

thick here ;-))

I can not beleive you had another tumour which they just didn't mention

thats disgraceful.I would be having a good chat with your CNS to get some


Take care

Becky x

Hi becky thank you for replying. The borderline is very confusing, its not benign and its not cancer its something in between all if not caught in time it can progress to cancerous. Hopefully I will hear from someone who has experienced something similar. I'm still very new with the lingo what is a CNS. 


Mary x

Hi Mary,

Thanks for explaining that for me :-)

 CNS is a Cancer nurse specialist,but not sure if you will have one.

Probably be best to talk with your gynacologist,or GP.

I really hope you get someone to talk too to put your mind at rest.

It's a difficult time for you.

Maybe try posting on Newly diagnosed hopefully someone will be

along with an understanding of your situation.

I hope everything works out for you.

Take care

Becky x