Advice plz

Hi am just wondering has any one had an inturnel done by the consultant under ga I am so scared of being put to sleep never had a ga before any advice would help thank you 


I had the procedure done and it wasn't hslf as bad as

I thought it would be. The GA went well and it made

me feel wonderail when I came round haha, I didn't 

sick or feel ill, it just made me tired for a few days after.

Good luck hun you will be fine x

Sorry about the format I'm using my Iphone and it doesn't 

seem to like this website.

Thank you Laura am just so scared as I have never had ga before x

Hi Cvs :-)

GAs are actually quite nice, it's a bit of a different story if you are having big surgery done while you are under but if it's just an internal exam you should be fine. Sometimes I wake up a little tearful for no reason whatsoever but then I can get tearful in an art gallery! Just soppy I guess ;-)

Be lucky


Thank you for your reply it did make me smile about the art gallary I am the same lol x


i had this done at the beginning of feb and I was so nervous as it was my first time under GA, it was absolutely fine, went off around 2.15 and was coming around about 2.45, felt slightly woozy for a day or 2 but was ok,  Went under for 5 hours recently and that was a bit harder to get over! but no sickness on either and you don't remember a thing!  

good luck


Thank you for your replys x