Advice plz

Had biopsys taken last Friday had gritty brown discharge for 3 days later but now am bleeding a little bit a week later is this normal and has this happens to anybody else thanks x

Hey! I can kinda relate to you. I had mine monday am that day was fine since then I had brown gritty discharge when I wiped after a wee.. Now I'm having like brown jelly type discharge it's so strange! I think it's normal and everyone heals differently! Keep an eye on it. Could it be a period starting? The colp may have brought on a period?? xxx

Don't think it is as am not due for another 2 wks am just stressing to much I think the waiting is the hardest part thank you for you response x

Hi this it normal. I had the same gritty brown and bleeding. Nurse told me to watch out for bad smell - antibiotics if did smell. Heavy bleeding to phone them. But i was told bleeding could last up to 4-6 weeks x 

I went to docters yesterday anyway as u was concerned and she administered antibiotics anyway! So am taking them just to be safe. :( it's horrivke and a very hard!! Sending hugs if your worried go to gp xxx