Advice please

Hi Everyone, I am really confused and petrified about treatment. Following a routine smear in Jan 2013 referred for colposcopy where I had a couple of biopsies and pictures taken, then received a call to come in to see consultant, who told me they suspected I had early stages of cervix cancer and booked me in for a knife cone biopsy but did a sweep and took some more biopsies in the meanwhile whilst I waited.  Following the knife cone biopsy the consultant is suggesting I have a hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries which is causing me a lot of anxiety as I don't want the surgery but my family feels I should go along with the treatment plan.

The consultant told me my smear showed high grade glandular cell abnormality but the biopsies kept coming back inconclusive which feels may have been as I had some treatment, the consultant said he could see 2 patches of growth hence the knife cone biopsy. The knife cone biopsy showed the patches were precancerous glandular cells and not turned cancerous as  the consultant first suspected. The consultant feels I should have a hysterectomy with removal of ovaries as the high grade cgin were high up in the cervix and although he feels he got it all he feels cgin skips lesions sOn practice is to

overtreat as in the future any abnormal cell willnot show up as it was an inwards growth. I am 46 single parent and don't have alot of support, I don't think I can cope with the thought of going through an early menopause and feel I rather just walk away.

Any advice would be appreciated on whether I should go ahead or not. I feel if I don't go ahead and there is a rogue cell then it may be discovered too late as I have been lucky this time. I have heart disease and stroke in the family and have read the chances of developing these increase when you have a hysterectomy which causes medically-induced menopause. 

This is driving me crazy what to do. My. Family/children want me to have the hysterectomy asthey feel this gives me a good chance to not develop cancer as originally my medical. Notes. Said adenocarcinoma. In situ. 

Hi Annemieke, thankyou for your reply, I went to see my GP to see if all the surgery was really abit over the top. She told me that although they suspected adenocarcinoma in-situ when they did the knife cone biopsy, my cgin cells were so high grade they were nearest. To cancer you can get. She gave me a bit of a telling off at why I would want to keep. My ovaries at 48 when they are nearing the end and how this was a possible site for any rogue cells todevelop on in the future. She said it was going to be fine as she felt I cope with all the surgery and early menopause. I really want to hang on to my ovaries but I know deep down this is. More to avoiding the symptoms of surgically induced menopause.  Thank you for your kind words,rita x