Advice please

Hi I’m really anxious as I have my coloscopy on Tuesday after having borderline changes with hpv…I’ve been having pelvic pain and back pain so yh quite scared about going…
However I did have a miscarriage a week ago and the bleeding stopped 2 days ago had a bit of spotting but has stoper now
However I went to see the nurse today and she had a quick look at my cervix she said she saw a bit of bloody discharge which she said could be a infection I’m quite scared about this
Could it be cc

I’m so sorry you had a miscarriage and having the added worry on top, not nice so big hug.
Just remember you have borderline changes which should be ok, sometimes in borderline changes they won’t even treat you just adopt a watch and wait approach but tues you will know more. They put a solution on your cervix to show up the abnormal areas and they will tell you a lot more so write down any questions as you won’t remember on the day with the nerves. The colposcopy doesn’t hurt in anyway so don’t worry about that but I’m sure its the results that your worried about as it was with me and many others.
The bloody discharge I can’t comment on but wouldn’t that be common after what you have just been through? I would think its more likely to be todo with the miscarriage surely?

Thanks jo 

I hope it's from that.....the nurse said it looked like a infection so took some swabs.....I did mention that I literally stopped bleeding 2 days ago not fully stopped but really light... 

I haven't been as anxious as I was at he beginning so I'm feeling a tiny tiny bit better..  still scared though....... Tuesday is fast ly approaching part if ne don't want to go

Its good you feel a bit better, but on tues do take your partner or a very good friend with you to hold your hand ( my best mate has and still is being my pillar of strength) I’m not sure how I would cope without her and I’m always going to be in debt to her but she knows whatever happens in her life I’m there day or night. Friends like my Jane are few and far between and I’m lucky to have her.
You will be fine on tues and I will be thinking off you

Aww thanks jo

Your so lovely....unfortunately my partner will be looking after kids and ive just moved so I don't have no one to come with me 

In a way I think I want to go alone If I had someone with me i think il be more upset

I'm trying not to worry so much 

It's strange coz my back pain has eased ip as well as the pelvic pains I was getting however the leg pain is still quite prominent 

Gosh....Ivr never felt like this ever!!!!

Part of me does not want to go 


Anyway thanks for your kind words always xx