Advice please

Hi if I have had clear smears and no abnormalities from punch biopsies but still bleeding is there something that they've missed?! As not entirely sure if my bleeding is from a cervical erosion as it was only a small area and the consultant initially said it could be from the next of the womb. Would abnormal cells have shown up on punch biopsy and if so would that lead them to investigate further such as cone biopsy? I know it's less common to develop abnormal cells or cancer higher up in the cervix, but if that was the case, would something at least flag up lower down for them to investigate further up?! Thanks in advance 

I had clear smears for years, with abnormal bleeding, then suddenly out of the blue an abnormal smear (CGIN) but clear punch biopsies then 1a1 adenocarcinoma found after a cone biopsy.

CGIN is more rare and doesn't always show up in smears for years until it has already turned into cancer apparently.

I'm not saying you have this but if I was you I would keep insisting on getting smears and further investigations until you feel positive everything is fine.

I hope this helps.