Advice please

Following a colposcopy on 10th Dec & 2 biopsies, (repeat after sqme last Apr when it came back CIN 1) I was given a follow up appt for Jume 2013. however, received letter on 21st Dec saying regrettably the appt had been required to be brought forward to Jan 17th. Having been worried all over Xmas, managed to speak to the dept today & a consultant told me there are abnormalities in two areas, the base of he cervix & just inside the canal. He said that these need to removed via Loop. I asked if this will be done on Jan 17th & thought it probably would. I asked what grade abnormality it is, he said there are various levels and more than one is showing but didn't answer me.

If there are two areas, will this mean two loops? Can I not be put to sleep?

Also, I was supposed to start the hormone tablet Northestrone yesterday for 21days, under another hospital for irregular bleeding but worried now as know for sure I need treatment, so I didtart start it. I'm on waiting list to have my womb lining burnt away - think I'd rather just get rid of everything, worry is driving me crazy.

sorry to ramble on xxx


Sounds like you are going through a rough time and I know how worrying it all is. I do know that if they take a look and think the area is too big or hard to get to they will do the procedure under general




Thank you both so much for your replies. Know I prob wound stupid, but who are PALS? 

May well need to speak to someone as under two different hospital authorities & they can't see each others reports!!! Surely if I need invasive treatment from both, they should communicate & decide on best course of action? Inclined to think I'd rather just have a hysterectomy now than be passed from one to another & possibly end up there anyway!

Got my appt this Thurs, getting in a right state now :(

My period is late, no doubt due to worry, if it's here when I go on Thurs & they do want to do Lletz, will they still go ahead? Dreading it, but not sure I can cope with waiting for another appt! Just praying now that it is a loop there & then that is planned. The last 10days hasn't been too bad cos I've been away, now home & a nervous wreck :(