Advice please!



Can anyone advise if they have ever had anything similar I am now nearly 41 and when I was about 20 (they did smears back then if you were under 25) I had abnormal smears and ended up having colposcopy and loop treatment I dont know what stage the cells were at as I cannot remember, all I know Is I had treatment and regular yearly smears after for a good few years then  3 yearly.lately I have been bleeding pink blood after sex I remember that was the same symptom I had back when I had the problems in my twenties but the last time after sex  I bled and I am still bleeding 7 days on with terrible pains. I have been on pop pill cerrelle for nearly a year and no periods on it so I dont think its a period I am Just worried could anything change again after all this time I am not due my smear untill november,or could it be the menopause or re occuring ovarian cysts causing these problems I am booked in to see the nurse next week.Has anyone had things come back 20 years later some advice would be great I am worried! thankyou,xx

hi, I'm a newbie too!

I had y smears from being 18 I had two borderline results, had loop diathermy, finally got normal results and were being the doctors.instead of jospital. I got my smear result three days ago and its come back high grade syskaryosis I'm terrified. I lost my best friend last month to cc she was only 32. I have to go for a colposcopy to determine what treatment is needed can they tell if I have cc.from a xolposcopy?