Advice please!


im new here and have a question - sorry if it has been asked before. I had a colposcopy on Thursday last week, they took a biopsy which I didn't expect so I ended up not asking as many questions as I should - I'm 24 and if I'm honest I was really on edge and shocked - my doctors had said I'd most probably only have a smear. The nurse at the colposcopy did say not to have sex nor use tampons for a 'few days'. This is where I am a bit concerned, I am due to come on this weekend and have only had a little spotting since Thursday. I've used pads since then but am really uncomfortable. Sorry  but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on whether I could use tampax for this period? The 'few days' I was told doesn't really help!!

Sorry if this has already been asked or if it is a silly question but I'm on edge and really unsure as to what to do!!

Thanks x

I had mine done 2 wks ago and she told me. 

No sex, no tampons and no exercise for 4-6 wks 


Thanks for your reply! Sorry if it's a silly question.

I was told no sex, swimming, horse riding and no using tampons for a 'few days' which is where I wasn't sure, as a few days could be 2-3 or 3-4 really!

Thanks though!

If it was just a biopsy then it will just be a few days, give it a week. It's essentially a little nick of flesh taken when you couhghed for them. It's a moist area so healing is quick.

You need weeks once you've had treatment to remove abnormal cells. i.e a LLETZ 


I hope this helps :)

i was told 5-7 days. It's probably worth just using pads if you can this time and going back to normal next time. Better to be safe hey!