Advice please

Hi, I was recently told that I have polups and am wondering if that could be what causes pain at the time of ovulation. Dr. Said she is not sure where they are in the canal and that I would need an ultra sound to see. Do you think I should be going in for an ultra sound to check? Do they cause a lot of havoc? Are they another symptom of cc? I also read on here somewhere that someone had pain under their ribs on the side. I've had pain that comes and goes for years, burning under my ribs on the sides and back but Dr. never seems to know the cause. We thought it must have been my shingles at one point but that left and the pain continued.  Then they figured it was my gallbladder... Well thats gone too but my pain still comes and goes. Just wondering if this was ever a common symptom for any of you. Any advice is muchly appreciated!


Yes I'm quite sure that polyps cause pain at ovulation. Does what cause havoc? Polyps or ultrasound exams? Really not too sure what you mean here, what kind of havoc? No, polyps are not a symptom of cancer, polyps are polyps and cancer is cancer. Pain under the side of the ribs is frequently a result of bad posture.

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