Advice please

Well I went for my colposcopy last Tuesday. My husband came with me and nearly passed out, had to sit down, and the nurse got him some water! Anyway..... I wondered if anybody else 'watched on the screen' I did and I saw 2/3 of my cervix looked white/cream, almost like scar/burn tissue, with 'steaks' of fresh blood (sorry for TMI). I couldn't look when the LLETZ was preformed. Nobody gave anything away. However the colposcopist told me she would phone me personally in two weeks.

Thoughts? I was really upset and worried at first, but I don't feel anything at the moment (I must to post this?) thanks xx



i was was exactly the same, before going for my Colposcopy I was absolutely terrified and couldn't stop worrying bit after I went to the hospital I felt fine (I think I may have had one wobble waiting for my results). I was shown the screen and most of my cervix was white (I didn't look for too long as it made me feel ill, despite being a nurse myself I had to look away!) The consultant diagnosed me with CIN3 there and then But perhaps not all of them want to do that and would rather wait for the results? 


hi yazz, I also watched on screen during my colposcopy but stopped when it came to the biopsy!! Most of my cervix was white too with red streaks in it and my biopsy came back as cin3. I had my mum come with me for the colposcopy and my husband wants to come when I have my lletz procedure done so am expecting the same reaction from mine lol!! Try not to panic about your results mine only took 2weeks to come through. Xx




my husband didnt stay either, left the room almost immediately for my Lleitz. This didnt help me much as i felt abandoned, maybe a friend might be better? I did look for a bit on the screen, but stopped before the injection stage, what you saw was the same as me. I didnt want to look again but the colocopist was keen for me to look afterwards as he had managed to stop the bleeding which he was quite proud of! I am not sure whether that helped me or not to be honest. I had prepared myself by watching the proceedure on u tube, but i think knowing that it is you is a bit disconcerting. 


I have also had problems with breast lumps and have had two proceedures taking biopsies and watched the whole thing on screen which was really interesting, but this was on ultrasound so maybe didnt look so grapic.

Hi suz2 - I also had breast lump biopsies and found the same as you, it was very interesting to watch on the screen. But also like you, I watched colposcopy procedures on youtube and I really don't think it helped one bit. I didn't looked at the screen at either of mine, but I couldn't stop picturing it as I knew what was going on from the videos. I wish I never watched them! I've learned by lesson and am not going to watch a LLETZ before my procedure, I'm just going to think of butterflies and rainbows. Gulp.

My partner has asked if he can come in with me, and got offended when I said I didn't want him to, but reading your posts about partners I think I'll stick to my guns on this!

Yazzz - Apologies for going off topic. I think any abnormality looks cream on the screen, and perhaps its just that clinics policy to ring patients personally, so I would not think it suggests that its anything more serious, fingers crossed for you hun x

Hi jjcarnage

on my first coloscopy appointment (before this latest lot) i went to it on my own, it caused somewhat of a row as he wanted to come and support me. This time i relented as i have been having a rough time of it and he leaves the room in seconds! I really think a strong companion is better who is not the husband, do take someone with you though for support.

I sure will - my letter actually said its essential I bring someone with me, as some patients might feel queasy after it, so my mother is going to come along. I hope my bf doesn't still insist on coming, 3 of us walking in might be a bit overkill! :) Come to think of it, they didn't actually specify LLETZ, the letter just says "you need a treatment which will take 10-15 mins" so I presume its LLETZ.

I hope your results don't take much longer to come back. Its one wait after the other. xxx