Advice please!

Hi, I'm 28 and have been on microgynon for the last 13 years, stopped taking it in September this year as thought it might have been what was causing my problems. My first smear at 25 showed cin2 so I had a punch biopsy at colposcopy which returned cin3 results. I had a loop excision in June 2011 and my last couple of smears have came back Fine. prior to this procedure I didn't experience any spotting between periods or after intercourse. It wasnt until about a year after the loop excision that I started experiencing random spotting with no pain, in between periods and after sex. i decided in september this year that it might be a good idea to take a break from the pill for a while and my periods returned 4 weeks after I stopped taking it. They were regular and sore for 2 months then this month I had a niggling like it was going to start for about  3 weeks and it eventually started 9 days later thAn expected and i had zero cramps at all, I waited and waited but no cramps and I had one day of quite heavy bleeding the rest of the time it was fairly light not enough to soak a pad. Since finishing bleeding and still having no cramps I'm now 2 weeks on and have been getting spotTing again. I know this is gross but I only notice it if I'm straining for a Bowel movement. It's definitely from the front btw as it keeps on going for a few hours after I've been, sometimes can be fresh blood and sometimes brown dark blood, only notice it when i wpe and sometimes on underwear. One other thing is that i have been experiencing night sweats which soak the entire area im in, on and off for the last 2 years. these used to happen at any time but since coming off my pill and having what seems to be most of the time a regular cycle, i have noticed these sweats hit me on the 2 days prior to getting my period and the first couple of days of being on it. i do not know why i get these sweats. doctor has just done 2 lots of blood tests as first lot were borderline but 2nd ones have came back normal. they checked my prolactin and slh levels and said both are ok. I have lost quite a lot of weight recently I was 9.5 stone and now weigh 8.3 and don't seem to be gaining any weight back no matter what I eat. I am going to have to go back in to see my doctor again, i don't know why but I think I have something wrong like early menopause or something, the no cramps with my period this month makes me think something is definitely not right, never had a pain free period to date. I also wonder because really if I was going to get spotting because of the loop excision then why would it take a year to start, something tells me it wasn't the procedure that started the spotting and I'm no longer taking the pill either but still spotting.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to what I should ask my doctor? My mum doesn't even think the hormone tests they did are to check fertility levels. I am very confused and getting more and more worried the longer this goes on and the more spotting i get with this niggling pain in my uterus area makes me worry. i asked the doctor about getting another smear early but she said it wouldn't miss anything. I'm not due another one til June 2014. 

Hello Kerry, you must be really worried with everything that's going on.  You know yourself something is not right, so I would strongly urge you to go back to your GP and do not be fobbed off by anything!! I wouldn't leave anything, anything - to chance where my health is concerned. Something is obviously wrong and it may not be anything to do with cervical problems, but you need to get some answers and some treatment.  Take a friend/parent along with you to the doctors, someone who knows what you've been going through. Insist you get referred on to a specialist, gynae or other - this needs to be addressed.

Don't be put off - stand firm, your health is your wealth.  Push the doctors to find out what is going on.



Thanks for your reply Sharon, I will be getting an appointment for next week With Doctor. Has anyone else had these symptoms? Doctor said i could have a friable cervix which could cause spotting but wouldn't this cause bright red fresh bleeding not the dark, older blood I sometimes see?

Hi Kerry,

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. What's been suggested already is good advice - do be firm with the doctor, make sure you get a referral if poss. Periods can change over time, especially if you've come off the pill as well. The timing of what you're experiencing now and the fact you've linked it the LLETZ may be coinicidence, but still important you get checked out by a specialist. As for things to ask the doctor, maybe write down all what you've experienced with dates if poss (so it's all there when you go), tell them how worried you are and ask for a referral. 

You asked if anyone had the symptoms you mention. I've had terrible cramps, heavy bleeding, pain during intercourse, sweats, upset stomach all with periods. That was before I had any problems with CIN and I ended up having a laparoscopy and hystercoscopy. There was nothing untoward going on, but it's always really important to get things checked out by a specialist.

All the best for your appointment on Monday, take care x 


That must have been such a relief for you to find out there was nothing wrong. I have been to doctors this morning as second lot of blood tests came back ok for hormone levels. Still spotting between periods and after sex and most of the time during a bowel movement and still have this niggling all month that doesn't go away. I'm not due my next smear test until June but the doctor took a swab this morning to send away and said even if it comes back ok she's sending me to colposcopy to have a look. Every time I get an examination the person mentions  my erosion, ever before my treatment at my first smear they mentioned it but said its probably nothing to worry about. This morning the doctor had the speculum in half a second and said oh yes I see the erosion, she said it could be from pill or my treatment. I wonder what is really going on down there, I think the colposcopy is the best thing as they are the experts and know what they are looking for so I'm confident if there's anything going on they will find it and I can rest easy after that knowing nothing is wrong. 

Just wanted to add an update. I was referred to gynaecologist and had appointment last week. The doctor was very nice made me feel at ease. I spoke with another doctor before I went in for the examination and she took a full report of everything that's been going on and was very thorough went right back to when I started my periods to the present day. She then relayed all of the info to the doctor who i saw next. She did a pelvic exam and then an internal ultrasound, she had a bit of bother trying to find my ovaries but said both are healthy, took ages to find my uterus then concluded it must be tilted and that she couldn't see anything in there to cause concern or the bleeding I'd been having.. She then took some swabs from my cervix (not sure if they checked these at the time or if they were sent away - could someone confirm if they are able to check them there and then?) she then said that there's an area of my cervix which looks raw and was it ok to use some liquid nitrogen to burn this area so it will heal and hopefully stop my bleeding and spotting. She said it wouldn't hurt but I felt mild cramping at the time and then sore cramping when I got home but nothing to really complain about. She told me that there are no nerve endings in the cervix so shouldn't feel pain but maybe I'm a freak of nature I definitely felt it and definitely felt it previously when having a punch biopsy (this was nowhere near as sore as that !) no intercourse for 2 weeks (only 1 week now) and she says this will resolve the bleeding. Im really hoping this is the end of my problems. I've had one episode of spotting after bm this week but its not healed yet so I'm giving it the 2 weeks then will report back. I am concerned at the moment as appear to be losing weight. I'm 5'5 and have always weighed 9stone or thereabouts, I eat healthily and exercise and have not changed my routine but have lost over a stone since having flu in November and my hip bones are totally poking out, I really don't want to b so skinny so I'm going to try and pile some weight on. Thought I'd feel relieved after the hospital but because there was no colposcopy (which I thought it would be) i kind of feel like that's been missed out, surely the naked eye of the gynaecologist cannot be as accurate as a microscope. Feel more deflated now than I did before getting hospital referral and feel if I go back to gp about losing weight she's going to think I'm a hypochondriac !! Going to eat some biscuits......