advice please


I had cin2 1 year ago. I was supposed to go for treatment but I got pregnant (planned) and couldn't go.

For the last 2 months I've been bleeding, had chronic low back pain and felt unbelievabley tired. 

I went for a colposcopy last week. She could see a big difference on the pics from my last colposcopy. She took 2 biopsys and a swab for a smear. After the examination she told me she was concerned about my symptoms and is referring me to a gynecologic consultant. 

Anyway I had a very brief phone call with the lady who did the.colposcopy on Fri. I couldn't really talk as I was doing the school run (I called the office that morning asking to speak to her)

she told me they had my biopsy results and they found abnormal cells but they are waiting on my smear results before they can tell me what grade 'it' is and what treatment is needed.

aren't biopsys supposed to give a definite answere as to what's going on? And a smear is just a screening? I'm so confused!! 

Can I rule out cancer.or is there still a chance I could have it? 

Thanks x

Please, anybody!!?? 

Hi,  so did you have a smear before the Colposcopy, or you went straight to the Colp ?

I thought that its the biopsies from the colposcopy that are to say whether you have cc - the smear just detects whether you have abnormal cells, the biopsy tells you more

Although it may well be a combination of the smear result and biopsy.   My smear result said High Grade Dyskaryosis - which frankly scared the hell out of me.   The Doc doing the colposcopy said it looked "moderate" and I asked then why did the smear say High Grade and she said you can have moderate high grade changes, or severe high grade changes

I am still waiting for biopsy results so and still none the wiser !

Unfortunately the only people that can tell you one way or another are going to be the docs so push for answers - I'd give them another call on Monday.  



It's strange isn't it? I'm thinking she could of maybe said biopsy but she meant smear? 

She did the smear the same time as the colposcopy. I will call them Monday as I'm completely baffled!

thanks for your reply. Good luck with you x

jhi there hun

iIt does sound strange, but  i remember (like Disey) my smear said 'High Grade' but it was moderate changes - my biopsy results confirmed this (CIN1 and CIN11) - I can only imagine that they are just tying it up as 2 different lab results? Try not to worry too much, I know its hard, but your symptoms could be entirely unrelated.... its so easy to make this connection I know, but so many women have these symptoms and cells changes and its more often found to be a coincidence.

Keep strong hun.... and think positive thoughts xxx

Hi, I've just called my results. The receptionist said my file is with the doctors and I will get a letter asap. She's not allowed to tell me over the phone.

I'm really worrying now. I had the smear and biopsy done a week today. The dr told me I would have to wait 2 weeks for my results. 

II really hope it's not bad news. I'm only 27 and I have a 6 year old and a 4 month old baby :(

Hi - because it was CIN2 and a planned LLETZ a year ago, then its likely to be either the same or maybe CIN3. But I don't think it would progress as far as cancer within a year, but I know we always think the worst don't we. Hopefully they'll be sending out the letter today or tomorrow so you won't have to wait too much longer. But I do think it probably won't be much worse than it was last year. xxxx

Hi, if it was bad news you wouldn't be sent a letter. If it is CC or anything else unexpected they phone you and tell you to go in for a meeting as they have to tell you face to face. So the fact that yours is being sent in a letter is positive news x