Advice please

Hi all, 


I had my smear done this morning. After all was finished my doctor told me she was referring me to hospital to have a colposcopy done within the next two weeks. She said my cervix was very red and inflamed and that although they expect some bleeding some time with smears mine wasn't bleeding the way expected.

She said it could be caused by my pill. I'm feeling a tad worried. I'm just wondering if the fact I'm due on my period like any moment now would have any effect on my cervix? 

Could anyone tell me what the colposcopy entails too?

Thank you all. 

Hi! Pleasentry not to wprry (i did) for a couple of months before i finally got referred. Colposcopy isn't painful its just a more detailed look at the cervix using dyes and a magnifying glass where it highlights any abnormal areas. I had bleeding after sex and bled a lot at my smear and it turned out to be a cervical etropion wich isnt harmful

Try not to worry and good luck :)