Advice please

Hi, I'm looking for abut of advice, 

i had a smear done in august last year to which results came back as abnormal (not sure exactly ) and I was to get another repeated 6 months after. This was done in march and results were still abnormal with more changes. 

I was sent for colposcopy and they done lletz and biopsy. So fast forward to 2 1/2 weeks ago and results were cancer!

so what I'm wanting to know is how can cells change from borderline to cancer in 6/7 months, why wasn't I sent for a colposcopy in august and what if it could have been prevented.

as you all can imagine im petrified 

has anyone else been in the same position 





Hi Debbie,

my story is similar to yours. In the fact my smears have always come back as abnormal! This year i had a colposcopy and during this I also had Lltez, and biopsy done. I've also been diagnosed with cancer and I'm booked in to have a radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal on 30th May. I'm not sure how the cells can turn from pre-cancerous to cancerous in such a small space of time. Good luck with your journey