Advice please

Hi all hope all of you are ok… just a quick one really I had lletz done in December they thought was cin 3 but was cin 2 and had depo in January… not had no problems at all after the lletz sex was not painful or anything and no odd bleeding but then last Friday me and my husband got down to it and on the Saturday I started bleeding and been in loads of pain bled till Thursday nothing Friday just been back to toilet and bleeding again? Sorry for tmi it’s bright red so not old blood but my belly ache and back ache are evil!!! And it’s draining my body… tried to get in docs last week but they said it was urgent enough for an appointment…x

I'm only 2 weeks on from LLETZ so definitely not going there yet!  However my friend told me that after she'd had a cone biopsy, she waited 6 weeks and then there was so much blood that she actually went to A&E, but they just sent her home and told her it was normal.

It doesn't sound right to me though and I think if you're worried you should get in to the GP and just tell them it's an emergency appointment, especially if you're in pain and feeling drained - don't leave it!

Take care lovely. xxxx