Advice please xx

Sorry if you have already read a post of mine & I'm repeating myself

Basically I have always seems to have ladies issues & it's really one of the only reasons I go to the doctors in my lifetime. 6/7 months ago I started getting horrible cramps followed by a haemorrhage (blood everywhere, all over floor so not just a heavy bleed!) over this time I had a lot of pain & (embarrassed to say!) numb labia & right leg... This only lasted I guess 2 months.. Went to doc who would test my cervix as it was 2 months before I turned 25. However took a womb biopsy. Then removed my copper coil & got implant. All the bleeding & cramping did completely stop. Anyways
I had a smear test 2 weeks ago & results came back high-grade dyskaryosis.. Received my hospital letter for my colposcopy for 11th September
At first I wasn't that worried as I knew this wasn't uncommon but with time unfortunately I am letting it get to me & I can't stop thinking about my previous issues... 
Has anyone else had to wait over 6 weeks from smear for their colposcopy ?
I totally understand there are probably more urgent cases than mine & respect that however think waiting that long might send me over the edge stress wise & I honestly feel stupid for saying that as this could be nothing. Has anyone managed to get their appt earlier? 
Just desperate for a good result do I can move on
Sorry for long post& I would massively appreciate any guidance on this

*meant would not test cervix 

Hi Frankie,


I had to wait about 5 weeks for my colp appointment (i'm now on week5 of waiting to get my biopsy results back so it's been nearly 11 weeks from letter to appointment to now - ARGH!!)  after I'd got my results back.  I'd say one of hte best things oyu can do is talk it out with someone you trust. I told my boyfriend all my worries & fears and he was a great voice of reason.  Of course, you will still worry - that's completely normal but sometimes vocalising & airing oyur fears & worries really does make a difference!  

As for getting oyur appointment quicker, you can try calling the hospital/clinic that you're booked in for and asking if they have any cancellations.  However I would say that if the hospital was really worried about you wouldn't be waiting so long for your appointment.  CIN3/Severe dyskariosis is usually removed via a LLETZ treatment, as I said, anyting sinister and it's unlikely they'd leave you that long.  


Hey lizzie,

Thank you for replying, im sure things will all be fine I'm just getting myself worked up... My husband has been lovely & made me feel a bit better.. 

Luckily they have brought my appt forward to Wednesday so I will only have a few days to worry myself now :-) 

Hope everything comes back ok with your results & keep us posted... You must be very frustrated with the long waits you've had! 

Il post what happens on wednesday 

Frankie xxx

I'm really pleased you manged to get your appointment moved forward, hopefully that will help your peace of mind a little bit.

Good luck & keep us posted.

L xx