Advice Please - Very Confused

I had a routine smear test a few weeks ago and received a letter saying the it showed Dyskaryotic Endocervical Cells and was sent to the Colposcopy Clinic at the Hospital. I went there today under the impression that further investigation would take place, however, I went in and as soon as I got in the Dr told me that the dodgy cells were up inside my cervix and that they would take a 1cm piece of tissue away and that would get rid of all the bad cells, I questioned if he knew where the bad cells were and he said yes. I had no idea what to expect and from the leaflet I was given and what it said on the letter I thought I was having a Colposcopy. I laid on the bed and he inserted the speculum and told me he was going to do the local anesthetic and that would be the worst part - I felt nothing! Within a minute he started cutting, I could feel it all, cutting followed by a hot feeling. I was crying as the pain was horrendous, he said it was nearly finished, I was shaking and crying. I saw his notes on the way out and it said Lletz on it. My question is does this sound like a normal turn of events as I am totally confused as to why they would go straight for Lletz without further investigation? How would he even know where it was from a smear test? Do Smears even show up Endocervical Cells? I fear there may have been a mix up somewhere along the way. Sorry this is so long I just need to make sense of it all.

Thank you if you got this far. Appreciate any replies. x



It all depends on the person, doctor and hospital. Glandular cells in the cervix do show up on smears but not 100% of the time. I had a colposcopy after my smear showed potential changes. The colposcopy and biopsies were to check the smear was correct. Then I went for a LLETZ to remove them. It can happen as yours did, try not to worry.

But to go straight from smear to LLETZ without a colposcopy? How would he even know where the dodgy cells were? I don't get how he could be so sure he'd get the bad cells before I'd even got on the couch. Thank you for your reply. 

Hi Elge,

i had a routine smear last July, then when I was called to colposcopy they did a lletz straight away. I was so shocked and confused I passed out before I could sign the consent form! It's a horrible procedure and I completely understand all of the pain and shock you went through  

I had no idea what (specifically) Was wrong with me until the tissue had been analysed after a couple of weeks of a slow and bad recovery. Apparently I had high-grade CGIN - precancerous cells in the cervical glands. I had to have a 2nd lletz to remove more tissue and have just found out I have more abnormal cells. 

I hope you get more answers, I'm sure it'll become clearer now they've taken action and it's being ooked at. 


I am in the same position almost as you Tash, waiting for results on my first LLETZ but consultant said 80% chance there's some left and I will need some more treatment under GA.  What's your treatment for the third time around if you don't mind me asking?

Elge, think of it as they are getting you sorted quicker and the quicker you can get better. Fingers crossed.


i'm not sure exactly what they'll want to do a my third appointment. I had the standard letter about colposcopy that I had the other times! I hoping that i wont need much (or any) invasive treatment as the bad cells are low grade dyskorosis with HPV now. 

i hope it all goes well for you next time round, at least these horrible lletz treatments get rid of the bulk of the problem, if not all.