Advice please (two things!)

Hi everyone,

Just discovered this forum whilst looking for some advice. 

Im 28 and went for my second smear test a few weeks ago. I was really nervous as the first one when I was 25 was actually worse than I thought it was going to be! I'm really funny with things that are weird feelings (I'd rather have 10 injections than have my blood pressure taken!) so the feeling as she was touching my cervix made me feel really queasy and uncomfortable   When I arrived for this one I was really nervous and sat there dreading it. After it had got past my appointment time I went to ask the receptionist if they were running late and she told me she'd forgotten to register me! I was then told that they had already had their last collection so after my test I would have to drive my own sample to another doctors surgery. I had the test which I found really painful and quite distressing as she struggled to even get the speculum in as I was so tense. I then sat in the car and cried all the way to deliver my sample (pathetic I know). By the time I had been stuck in traffic and got home I had bled all the way through my pants and leggings. Needless to say I was glad it was over and done with!

Just over a week later I got a phone call from the hospital asking if they could bring my appointment forward.....I hadn't even had my letter to say I had abnormal cells so had no idea what she was talking about! I finally got my letter a few days later and was absolutely dreading my colposcopy (I had high to severe dyskaryosis result) after my smear was so painful. They rang me again to try and move it and then the afternoon before they rang to change my morning appointment to afternoon so had to wait all day dreading it. I got there early and my appointment was still 30 mins late. All the staff were really lovely and could see how nervous I was and tried to put me at ease and distract me. She used the small speculum but it was stI'll really painful to go in and while it was there. I found the whole procedure really painful and felt quite panicky.......which leads me (eventually!) to my first question.....I have the option of going under general anaesthetic for my treatment from what I've said does this sound like best option for me? What are the pros and cons? I know I sound really pathetic and like a wimp but I'm not usually like that, as I said earlier needles etc don't usually bother me. I've been single for about 4 years and not had sex since then so dont think that helps matters!

My second question is what kind of blood/discharge is normal after a colposcopy? I've been bleeding a bit and had some small lumps of blood. What counts as a clot? This morning I had a whitish/silveryish looking thing come out which I can only describe as looking as a piece of skin?! She had to use quite a lot of silver nitrate sticks to stop the bleeding on the day  

Anyway, apologies for the massive essay but just had to share somewhere and didn't know where else to ask for advice! 

Hi Lizzie!

Sorry to hear you have a difficult time with the smears - I guess we all have our difficulties! Apart from this my situation is much the same as yours; first smear was clear, second abnormal (biopsy confirmed CIN2 and I have LLETZ booked for 10th June). After my colposcopy/biopsies I had a touch of brown discharge from the iodine and definitely some fairly gross scabs but difficult to know for sure as it roughly coincided with silver nitrate for me as far as I know, but from what you describe I'd bet decent money on the piece of skin being exactly related to that :)

As far as GA goes, I'd personally only opt for it if absolutely necessary. So if you feel it'd make you more comfortable and less stressed, definitely go for it! I have seen posts on here from some ladies whose GPs have prescribed diazepam for the treatment if they are particularly anxious, so perhaps that's something you could ask yours about if you want to avoid GA?


Emma x

Hi Lizzie,

Sorry also to hear about your difficult time! I too have severe dyskaryosis confirmed after I had my colposcopy on Thursday (it was resulted from my first ever smear) I had some spotting from the iodine but I'm sure everyone's bodies are different and people have different experiences.

My abnormal cells are over a large area and are quite deep so they want to do mine under GA - haven't got the date yet but it was put down as urgent and will be done within the next 4 weeks. I'd say if you find situations like the speculum going in uncomfortable then maybe GA will be your option. Damage can be caused to the vaginal wall if you tense too much during the procedure with the speculum being in, this is also a risk under general however less likely because you wouldn't know what was happening and wouldn't tense as much if you were asleep! 

Hope this helps and am here if you need a chat xxx

So the silvery stuff is from the silver nitrate. I had a biopsy the other day and silver nitrate was used and I had the exact same thing. Don't worry about that. Now, I didn't have GA when I had my procedure back in 2012. I think if you can help it, then avoid it. I was able to go in shortly before the procedure and leave straight afterwards. No hanging around in the hospital. I always have the small speculum and I also find it uncomfortable when i'm worried. Try to relax they are doing everything they can to help. When I haven't been as worried it hasn't been as uncomfortable. Good luck with it all and try not to worry (easier said than done!)


Hi Lizzie

I agree with the other ladies who have replied about the 'piece of skin' thing. I think it's the silver nitrate. I had the same and everything has healed up just fine after the biopsies so I don't think it's anything to worry about.

On the fear and loathing front, I had a similar problem, but mine was an out and out phobia of hospitals. I went for a session of cognitive hypnotherapy and amazingly, after just one session, I have been able to deal with going to the hospital for the colposcopy and actually being pretty calm about it. I now have to go back for LLETZ (CIN2) and am pretty relaxed about the whole thing. This is in contrast to when I found out I had to go for colposcopy and spent about the next 3 weeks a crying wreck. It might be worth a try, to see if you can manage to feel calmer about the whole thing. I do sympathise, I know how horrible it is to feel that panicked about it, believe me.

All the best


Hi everyone,

thanks so much for your replies. Im in two minds, would rather not have the GA but at the same time don't know if I can face that again. I might have a word with the doctor about diazepam and see if that might be an option for me. Thanks again!