advice please - severe


I had my first smear at the age of 19 as I was very worried with my dad havin had testicular cancer I asked to get tested. 

My results were clear!!

I had my letter through in February last year before my 25th birthday but silly me left it until 19th March this year!!

My results came back within a week as 'severe' and I have an appointment at the hospital on Monday.

I'm really worried as I suffer with UTI'S (4 this year) along  with back pain and diagnosed with polycystic overies back in January.

Me and my partner are also trying for a baby and im worried that I can't have children, I had a miscarriage 4 years ago too and thinking there's something seriously wrong with me :(

Any advice appreciated!! 


Thank You 






Hey there, that all sounds a bit crazy and I don't blame you a bit for freaking out. Good on your for getting your smear and although it has come back as 'severe' it is the first step towards sorting it all out. Do you have any idea if you're facing CIN1, 2 or 3, or do you think that will be what they discuss on Monday with you? Without taking away from your story, I have been in a similar position to you, polycystic ovaries, a miscarriage and difficulty conceiving children. It was examining my fertility that led me to my diagnosis but please remember that changes to your cervix does not automatically mean the C word. There's probably no way of getting you to relax but try to stay busy and do something nice over the weekend to help the time pass and care for yourself. Monday will soon be here and no matter what your appointment reveals, it will be good to know what you are facing. 


Love and light!

Hi hun, I havnt been told the CIN level just that the result is severe, im so scared as I have family history and the one thing in my life I've always worried about is not being able to have children x

Yes, your concerns about whether you can have kids or not is a biggie. I guess tell the medical team your concerns and wishes right from the out set with regards to fertility, but one step at a time. Lets get you through Monday first!

Sorry if it seems like I am prying, Iv just been thinking of you and wondering how you got on at your apointment.