Advice Please - Persistent CIN1 after CC

Hi All,

I was treated in 2011 for early stage cervical cancer via two cone biopsies.  Since then I've had 6 monthly

going to annual smears and they have shown persistent low grade changes.  My consultant has presented these at MDT

meeting and wants to discuss future management options with me.  I want to go to this meeting with as much information as possible.

HHas anyone had similar outcomes and what were you advised?


Many thanks



Hi Jules, 

I also had early stage CC in 2012 which was treated by two LLETZ. I then had clear 6 months smears for 2 years but my latest smear in June this year showed severe changes again. I had a third LLETZ in September and results again showed early stage CC with CIN 3. Although I had clear margins it was decided to have a vaginal hysterectomy which I'm having on thursday. The big question for you is whether you wish to keep your fertility and how you feel about living with this. I personally get very stressed waiting for results etc and I would like to (hopefully) eliminate this stress from my life. Having said that, it's not been an easy decision and even today I'm having major wobbles about whether I'm doing the right thing or not. 

Good luck with everything x x