Advice please on smear

Hi all
So, ive never had a smear test, im 37 years old and have a 9 year old. I was induced and had a stretch and sweep with her.
Ive just recieved my smear test reminder but im petrified to even book it. Not the test itself but the results.
Im on the mini pill and dont have any periods with it, ive no pain anywhere.
Im scared incase the pill has stopped any irregular bleeding that i may have had and been able to get sorted sooner. Does this actually happen or would you bleed irregularly regardless? I know early stages dont show so i need to book but just looking for some reassunrance. My docs surgery are rubbish at answering the phone, rung them 70 times this morning to try book.
Thanks xx

Hi @Spangle

You are trying to book the appointment and thats the main thing! Your taking the first step so try not to beat yourself up over it its very daunting for some people and it is better late than never…

Although symptoms are rare CC bleeding would happen regardless of being on the pill as the blood itself is coming from a physical tumour rather than anything hormonal/period related the pill wouldnt stop it and generally if symptoms are reported other symptoms come along with the bleeding… if you have no luck with your GP maybe try your local sexual health clinic they may be able to carry one out

As i said try not to beat yourself up over it the main thing is your booking it now, the odds are still in your favour here and hopefully this will all be over soon for you xx