ADVICE PLEASE Hospital appointment 1 month after LLETZ treatment...why??


I've recently joined although I have read so many helpful posts thank you. So I had LLETZ treatment unnder general anesthetic for a large area of CIN 1,2,3  in December and I was told I would need a follow up smear in six months. I received a letter this morning with an appointment for the Colposcopy Clinic for January 12th. They say they want to discuss my results. I thought the cervix would not yet be healed. Any idea what they want to do?

Hello Michelle,

I'm sorry you're going through this. I can understand that you're worried. Why do these letters always seem to arrive at a weekend? It's easier said than done, but try to not panic and start Googling. It may be something quite straightforward, such as the margins might have shown they haven't quite caught all the cells. With LLETZ they take the abnormal tissue and some healthy tissue as they look for clear margins in the path lab to show they've got all the abnormal cells. It isn't uncommon for them so sometimes to remove some more cells. You mentioned yourself that it was large area. I can appreciate though that you must have all sorts going through your head right now., and I hope you'll be able to keep yourself busy between now and the appointment, although it probably feels ages away at the moment.  

Wishing you all the best, take care x

Ok thank you. Unfortunately I've been doing to much googling! I had set myself up for a 6 month review hence why im freaking out over this! Thank you for you comments. 

hi Michelle

as Twilight says, its probably that the margins are not quite clear. This happened to me, I was asked back three weeks later to discuss the results and their plan is to carry out another Lleitz later this month to get them, so after 3 months. I also had a very large deep area treated too. Typical that now i feel better they are going to treat again, lol, but best to get it out the way! Roll on summer.

Thank you suz2. Its given me a little piece of mind. Best of luck with your next treatment. 

So I decided to call the hospital this morning for more information and I was offered an appointment tomorrow afternoon. At least I dont have to wait a week!

Hi Michelle

Fingers crossed for you. Hope it all goes well.

So glad they were able to see you sooner, waiting is agony.

All the best for tomorrow


Hi Suzysooz,


Thank you for the kind wishes. I've been a mess today, my heads all over the place!

Ah Michelle

I know I would be too.

Sending you a huge virtual hug and all my very best wishes. Hopefully it will be just a case like the ladies above where you may need a little bit more treatment to make sure they got all the bad cells. Try and focus on that being the likely outcome


Fingers crossed for you Michelle. At least the dreaded wait for the appointment is over... 

Hi ladies,


Thank you for all the good wishes. Hope you are all well x

So from my results they removed CIN3 but also found stage 1 cancer. Eventhough there were clear margins the consultant wants to be 100% sure I am clear so he is sending me for an MRI. He did say there is a high possibility of needing more LLETZ. Overall Im feeling more relaxed about the whole thing!


Hi Michelle

I have been thinking of you today.

Wow. What a lot to take in, you sound very strong. As much as its bad news, it is also great that they think they got it all. It would not stop an anxious wait for the scans though.

I'm really sorry that it was not as straightforward as hoped, and that it all goes really well at your next appointment and it comes as swiftly as possible. 

Big hugs to you, 




I'm not sure how I'm so calm! But I think I'm holding on to the fact it may all be already removed! The support on here has definately helped! Hope your results arrive soon




Hi Michelle

Yes definitely focus on the fact that they think they got it all.

How amazing our bodies are to alert us something is wrong. So glad that it has been detected at this stage.

You really are a very strong woman and will undoubtedly kick its arse!


HI Michelle, thats such good news for what could have been a bad situation. I've read from a lot of ladies here that getting the waiting can be worse than the diagnosis in terms of anxiety, so it makes sense that you're feeling calmer now that you know what's going on down there. Hopefully the MRI will agree with what the doctors are thinking.

Hey ladies

Just checking in. How is everyone?  This waiting game is not for the faint hearted!! 

Hi Michelle

How are you getting on? Have they given you a date for your MRI? Hope you don't have to wait too long. 

You sound like a really strong and positive person but we all have our limits! Hope it is not getting to you too much, I am struggling just waiting on my LLETZ :-)

Big hugs to you for a quick and happy result


Hi Suzysooz,


I'm good...considering. I have my MRI Monday afternoon so not long to wait.

Fingers crossed for you. Looking back, I wasnt nervous about my results from LLETZ as I was so sure I wouldnt need anymore treatment...had a 6 month check in my head. How long did they say you will be waiting?

Ah Michelle you are amazing.

I just can't stop thinking about my results, but I am a terrible person for always thinking something is going to go wrong! Hope I am wrong... They said 4-6 weeks is the current wait in Derbyshire, but I guess that depends on what they find and the prioroty they give you. I'm worried as I think I have some of the symptoms and keep reading you don't get symptoms with CIN. If it's not rude to ask, did you have any? I tend to like to put things in little boxes but this disease doesn't seem to conform to any rules!

Monday is good, just the weekend to get through. Really hoping that it goes smoothly for you and they confirm they got it all at LLETZ. Wish I could say/do something to help


Hi Suzysooz,

I've had bad days too believe me. I went to work Wednesday and went to speak to my boss and totally broke down to the point I was sent home! Hence why I was on here. Everyone deals with things differently. I ok now but will have a knot in my stomach all day Monday as the appointment is 4pm.

No it's not rude at all. I had post coital bleeding and aching in my lower abdomen...eventhough I thought this was due to gym workouts. Also my last 3 periods were more painful than usual.

Hope this helps x