Advice please (children mentioned)



I am new to this site and would be really grateful for some advice. 

I had a smear test last August which was the first after the birth of my daughter. The results came back as borderline so I was told I would need a repeat smear in 6 months which I had a few weeks ago. I received the results yesterday which are not what I was hoping for. I now have high grade dyskaryosis and I am being referred for a colposcopy. I am waiting for the appointment letter to come through. 

i was beside myself when i read the letter. Lots of tears have been shed. I am so scared.

Should I be worried that my results have gone from borderline to high grade in 6 months? I have also been experiencing irregular bleeding. All this is just making me worry even more. 


I know many of you will have experienced the same things and I just wanted some advice.

Thank you


Try not to worry unduly, it's far too early for tears just yet. You don't say how long ago your daughter was born, is there any possibility that the irregular bleeding is just a post-natal thing? Whichever, High Grade Dyskariosis is eminently treatable without having to go through major treatment that might prevent you from adding to your family.

Be lucky :-)


Many Thanks for your reply Tivoli.

My daughter is 18 months old so I don't think it is a post natal thing. It did start when she was 4 months old but the doctor told me not to worry. Was probably due to recently giving birth. It has been happening on and off since then. 

Hopefully my letter and appointment will come through sooner rather than later. 

Thanks again. 


Aha :-)

Well it might provide some comfort to know that in my experience, bleeding caused by cancer is not an on/off affair but more of an on/on affair.

Be lucky


Thank you Tivoli.


You're welcome :-)

Do let us know how you get on.

Be lucky


I will. Thank you. It's the waiting game at the moment. Hopefully I will get my appointment letter next week. 



Just an update. I got my letter a week ago today to advise I would be referred for colposcopy and I have been waiting for the postman everyday!! As today is a week and still no letter. I decided to call the colposcopy unit. I know I am being impatient and the letter did say to call if you have not received a letter in 2 weeks but I am worrying myself silly. 

i left a message and just had a call back. They have recieved my referral but no appointment has been made yet. They advised i will recieve an appointment in due course. Until then I guess  I just have to be patient (not my strong point) and wait. I know people have been through a lot worse and it will probably all be fine but I am so anxious and nervous at the moment. I am a born worrier anyway which doesn't help. 

Another concern for me is my changes went from borderline to high grade in 6 months and I don't want this too be left to long and get worse. 

in others experience, how long do you generally have to wait from your results to your actual colposcopy? Should I call again next week if still no letter?

Apologies for panicky message. 

Thank you.



Hello again you :-)

They say to call them if you haven't had a letter in two weeks. So call them again if you haven't had a letter in two weeks. S'not difficult is it? Don't panic :-)

Lots of love