Advice/peace of mind following LLETZ

Hi everyone

I had LLETZ treatment under general anaesthetic two weeks ago (13/08) as I was found to have CIN2 and 3, following this I had a small amount of bleeding daily as expected (was told this could last the full four weeks of healing time), also had my period last week which seemed to be the normal amount.. though a little hard to tell as I normally use tampons but of course have to use pads while healing.

Anyway, I caught a cold a few days ago and coughed while sitting at my desk which caused a massive gush of blood to come out which went through pants/tights/dress on to my chair (gross I know!).. I rushed to the toilet and sat down and it kept bleeding more along with clots. An ambulance was called for me and I spent the evening in A&E and then the gynae department. Was told it is most likely an infection and have been prescribed antibiotics to fight it.

My questions are these.. has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is there a risk of the same thing happening again.. I did ask the gynae doctor and she said it is 'very unlikely', how unlikely are we talking? Would hate to go through the same again, especially at work. The bleeding today has reduced to a very light spotting, is that to be expected? Have I kind of cleared out what I needed? Or could this be a result of the medication I was given in A&E to reduce the bleeding? They said 'most likely' an infection, is there something else that could have caused this?

Any advice or calming words would be greatly appreciated :) I am feeling pretty anxious about it all as I am only 25 and this has all come about following my first ever smear.

Thank you in advance!!

Nads x

Hi Nads,

I've not been affected by this so this is only an idea but maybe the infection caused a blockage and build up of blood so when you coughed, you effectively released the blockage??  I can't say for sure but this seems like a likely scenario for what happened to you.  I'd imagine the antibiotics will stop anything further like this so I'd try not to worry about it too much.  The Gynae's generally know what they're talking about so if they say it's unlikely to happen again then you should be ok! 

Let us know how you've been getting on!

Liz x