Advice on biopsy results

Hi I am just looking for a bit of advice please.

I had my routine smear test come back with HPV virus and high grade cells so went for a colposcopy where they took some biopsies to test.

2 weeks later they have phoned me to ask me to go in to discuss the results of this and I am now panicking and automatically thinking the worst.

Has anyone else experienced this and is it just the normal routine of things?

Thank you

When did they ask you to go in ?
Is it soon ?

They phoned me Friday to go in tomorrow afternoon. So kind of quick I guess

I had an ‘ectropion’ removed and they sent it off for biopsy. I received a call yesterday and told I need to come in tomorrow to discuss the results. When they took the biopsy they said they would write to me with the results so I am terrified.

My most recent smear was last September positive for HPV but no cell changes.

How are you getting on? Have you been seen? Xx

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Hoping you are ok xx