Advice on biopsies please

I had a colposcopy Tuesday, he wanted to do a biopsy as my smear showed cells higher up which he said was rare  (cgin I think after researching on here) however when he looked inside he said 90% of my cervix is covered in cells which would be too painful and he wouldn't be able to control the bleeding. He said he would put it down as urgent on my file for GA to have the biopsy done. However my op isn't until the 30th. I'm majorly freaking out, I have 2 boys my youngest being 3.5 months old :( has anyone been through similar and can offer some reassurance that not only will it not hurt me waiting abit longer for 1. The biopsy and 2. The 3-4 week result wait.. and what for expect on the day please. Thankyou xx

hi hettiee,

I have just seen your post n just want to wish u the best of luck. I havent been through the same thing as yourself but my smear did come back a typical glandular cells which are the more rare cells and i was sent for colposcopy .. with my case in the end it actually turned out that the smear that had been done was in fact normal, cgin is to do with the glandular cells but the treatment is the same as the squamous cells ... glandular are just further up. the changes can be low or high grade, cgin is not cancer. You will get whatever treatment is needed and you will be fine :) please do let us know how you get on n sorry i couldnt be more help x