advice needed.

Hi Rach , hope everything goes ok tomorrow my appoibtment rook around 30mins it quite simliar to ur smear you may feel abit of a burNing or sting sensation wen u habe the local which I felt but afterthat I was fine the consultant n nurses r really friendly n put u at ease take someone with u if u can Made me feel a lot more calmer xxxxx 

Oh gosh not looking forward to it one bit :( already expecting that it will be bad news so thats making me feel worse I will just have to soldier through it I suppose.

thank you for getting back to me I really appreciate it :) xx

Please try not to worry! Ur strong n ul n able to get through it! Make sure u take a list of questions u want to ask as I went totally blank thankfully the bf asked for me , let us no how u get on xxxxx

Well I have been for my colopscopy today and dont know what I was so worried about as it didnt hurt or take long at all :) told the doctor at hospital that my gp had already told me I will need a hysterectomy and chemo which he was very shocked about as he said that you cant tell that just from a smear test so I am feeling so much better than I have all week as I have been so scared and was waiting for him to say it was cancer aswell. Actually feel like I can enjoy and focus on christmas now :) I know am still not in the all clear but feeling abit more positive and have just got to wait now till the 30th when I have to have a biopsy taken. Xxx

Hi Rach..........Are you saying that your doctor confirmed it was CC from a smear result? Did you get a letter back at all to tell you the result? I am really shocked by this because I didnt think it would be possible to confirm this until a biopsy is performed? Even if they did feel concerned it was cancer - they need to confirm it first??. Honey there is EVERY chance this is not CC at all.......your GP is completely out of order to tell you this and frighten you in this way without definitive results.

Enjoy your Christmas and be positive, this could all turn around for you and I will have everything crossed for you! And if/when you do get good news.......make sure you feed this back to your GP.......the emotional suffering and heartache you have gone through for a 'potential 'outcome' is just disgraceful :-(

Take care xxxxx

I'm glad everything went ok hope u have a lovely Xmas xxxx

Hello. Yep my gp phoned me saying it was bad news that it was cancer and a few days after I went to see him and there and then he said I would need a hysterectomy and chemo got a letter saying that my results where just abnormal and that I needed a colopscopy went for that on monday and the doctor at the hospital couldnt believe that he had said that to me. I have got to have a biopsy on the 30th so will know more soon it has made me feel abit better as I expected on monday to be getting booked in for a hysterectomy or sumat so just a waiting game now I guess but at least I can enjoy christmas worry free x

thank you girls for commenting :) xx

I think this issue should be raised - either he was given wrong information or this is misconduct and he should be reprimandedreprimanded for it!! Christ bad practice!! I hope you're well on your way to recovery xx