Advice needed

If 2 people have supposedly been monagamous their whole lives 20+ years why would I get a hpv positive result for the first time? Would this not have been picked up on older smear testing ? Does it mean my partners picked it up from someone else and infected me?

Hi there I have the same problem it makes you very suspicious as its only spread by sexual contact. I have had the virus on and off for 5 years I have found its best just to deal with the health side of it all. Hope this helps a little.

If you or your partner ever had sexual contact with another person before becoming monogamous then the HPV can be present. It can lie dormant for a very long time before anything changes. I’ve had 2 smear tests done only ever whilst I’ve been with my husband, first was normal, second was severe abnormal cells. Both of us were sexually active before we got together 10 years ago but have not cheated since we’ve been together. That shows just how long it can go before it causes any issues.

Like already said, just concentrate on getting healthy and talk to your partner about it.

They also only recently started rolling out HPV testing with smears, think it started 2015 or 2016. 

I thought the same but it takes a long time of having HPV for it to change cells.