Advice needed please!

Hi everyone,
Just signed up to the site after trawling the internet for info following my recent smear results.
I’ve been told I have HPV but no abnormal cells.

I’m 44 & have been with my fiancé for 24 years now.

I was diagnosed with genital warts approx. 15 years ago (can’t remember exactly !), which I believe came from my partner (he had had other partners before me, but I lost my virginity to him). Never had any flare ups since, so assumed all was ok.

Last smear (3 years ago) found a polyp on my cervix which was removed & results came back clear.

Just had my next smear & results state HPV…I saw the mention of Cancer & completely freaked out.

Tried explaining my feelings to my partner & thinks all is fine as it says low risk in my results letter.

I’ve got to have another smear in 12 months.

Please could anyone help put my mind at rest ?
Will my body clear this by itself ??
I feel like my life is on hold for the next 12 months…

I’m overweight, don’t eat very healthily (suffer with depression so I comfort eat), & don’t exercise :pensive:but am a non-smoker.

I’ve been reading online about AHCC supplements but not sure they will be any use in my situation :woman_shrugging:

Thank you in advance for any help / advice you could give me !

The important thing is that you have low risk HPV. There are many variants of the HPV virus; some cause genital warts, for example. The HIGH risk HPV strains can cause abnormal cell development, which CAN lead to cancer. You are clear of high risk strains, I believe your letter says, with no abnormal cells, but it would be good to check this out in a year’s time, as they will do. You do not have to put your life on hold - for the moment you are one of the lucky ones! HPV is very common. Please look at the main Jo’s Trust pages where there is a page and articles about HPV, if you want to put your mind at rest.

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By the way never hurts to make some life style changes at 44 - healthy eating, get some exercise - maybe go for a walk each day - and think about losing some weight. If you know your life-style is not conducive to wellbeing as you are coming towards menopause, it would be good to take it in hand. Most people’s bodies clear HPV and the healthier you are the better chance you have of that happening. X

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Jacks133, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, & for your help / advice ! It is massively appreciated.

I think I just focussed on the worst case scenario (always see things in a negative light :roll_eyes:), & having lost my father to Cancer, & seen my mother go through treatment for breast Cancer, just seeing the mention of that word made me really worried & anxious.

I totally understand your point about it never being too late to sort myself out diet / health-wise, so will make a conscious effort to make some changes & hopefully lose some weight.

I’m really sorry if my post frustrated any ladies out there who are dealing with the worst case scenarios following their smear tests, & who thought I was over-reacting….I guess I got lost in the negativity of my mind.

Thanks again xx

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