Advice needed please

Hi all, not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm left feeling rather deflated after a visit to the GP. I've got strange lumps sort of fleshy just inside my vagina, that defin weren't there previously. But my worries are also I have had some brown spotting, loads of yellow mucousy discharge, low back pain sometimes pelvic pain, and I felt my own cervix last year and it was smooth and round and then 3 weeks ago I felt my cervix and there was 2 hard lumps on it and then a couple of days ago I felt it again and it is so lumpy and hard and uneven! The docs took HVS but made me feel rather stupid saying she doesn't know how I've felt my own cervix because it is high and I may of been feeling a bowel movement through my rectum, however I'm a 2nd student midwife and I have felt many a cervix and I know for definite I am feeling my cervix and there are a lot of bumps. She did a VE and said she couldn't feel any but I'm not convinced I don't know how she couldnt feel them! Had a normal smear nearly 3 years ago. Do you think it's worth a second opinion from another doc? Or am I being paranoid? 

Your cervix can feel different at varying times of the month and can actually move higher during one part of your cycle then drop back down again later on in your cycle. Have you been for a smear test lately? if not you may want to think about having one done. If you are still worried then yes it is worth having another discussion with a different doctor or nurse about your symptoms