Advice needed new member

Hi there, i have just joined the site today. looking for some advice. I have had 3 lletz treatments in the cervix and still have reoccuring abnormal/pre cancerous cells, i was wondering if anyone has had this? whats the next stage after this? i was told i could only get a maximum of 3 lletz treatments on the cervix, so im worried about whats next for me!

Thanks xxxx

Hey, I am not talking through experience, just from what I have read on here. But I believe that the next step would be a cone biopsy. This is where the take away the first bit of your cervix , this is done under GA. I believe it's more effective yet lettz is preferred yet if lettz hasn't worked then they will do a cone. Wishing you all the best xxxx

Hi there, I have just had my third lletz (all for cin3) so am very interested if you find out any more information on this! Best of luck


Debs x