Advice needed * Eggs? Ovaries? Baby???

I had a hysterectomy last June but kept my ovaries.
The whole CC came as a massive shock after trying for another baby for over a yer and to be honest was all a bit of a whirlwind
We have 2 beautiful children and very grateful for the chance to be with them today, but I feel there’s that one missing as we were trying and never got there.
Now, as I still have my ovaries I’ve been thinking maybe it’s not too late? Could it be possible that I still produce eggs and that We could have a surrogate to carry our child?
I’ve read up a lot and I’m thinking it can be done??

Hi Meg,

I don't normally hang out in this forum. In fact your overies were full of eggs when you were born. You made all of them when your mum was pregnant with you. As you get older the eggs inside you deteriorate which is why women of 35 and older are not allowed to donate eggs. But assuming that you are younger than that then you should probably talk with a fertility specialist. I don't know how it works in UK. I believe that if cancer has taken your fertility before you have had any children then you can get your fertility treatment free on the NHS, but since you already have two kids you might have to pay. Sorry, don't know the answer to that one.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli, I have my next appointment on 24th so am going to ask then. Worth asking i think, its something thats on my mind constantly as we were trying. I am grateful for the treatment i received but wont hurt to ask xx