advice needed children mention :(

Well first of all a big hello to everyone this is my first post here, 
So here is what is happening at the moment, i had my first child in 2012 and had a smear when she was around 8 months due to irregular bleeding that came back all clear, but the bleeding persisted, I then fell pregnant again and forgot all about it as the bleeding obviously stopped during my pregnancy, then my little boy arrived and the bleeding began irregualr again, doctors tried to put me on the pill, and mefanemic acid to reducce the bleeding ( all of which i refused as i dont believe i should be taking anything until the cause of the bleeding has been discovered).


Anyway here we are today 08/12/14 and a few months ago i had no bleeding whatsoever! I actually thought i was pregnant again, so after 3 months bleed free i had a period completley normal, then it stopped, however 2 weeks after it stopped it started again and is still going now, i have officialy googled myself into a diagnosis along with the bleeding i have 2 tiny hard lumps on the roof of my mouth, and a tender patch in my left arm (no lump).


to say im scared is an understatement i had my blood tests done today, and have an appt with a doctor on wednesday where i will push and push for further tests, i know i cant have a smear as the bleeding is still going, 

I already have a personality disorder so am constantly batteling with depression, anxiety, irrational thoughts/behaviours its all just a nightmare, I should mention im in northern ireland... Could anybody please shed some light as to what will happen next, what should i expect? Except the worst... Has anybody had this problem and its been nothing? Really greatful for any responses and i will keep everyone updated with my appts and test results.... TIA xox


it really sounds to me as though your symptoms are more likely to be something else. i have had cc and only bled when my cervix had been irritated, certainly I've not heard of lumps anywhere else. You do need to find out what is causing the bleeding, but I really wouldn't panic about cc. 



Hi I suffered irregular bleeding after coming off the injection (4months after having the LLETZ) and missed my 6 months check up when i finally went to the drs they said i should have gone in for the smear as they can do it while you are bleeding! I would go back to the drs and ask for more tests just for peace of mind x