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Hey, just had a letter from hospital. And I wondered Iif anyone could what. Lymphovascular space invasion means. I am trying so hard not to google it! Thanks lea

to be honest im not exactly too sure what it means physiologically but i know that there was same thing (LVSI) in my tumor when they removed it so advised on further treatment as apparently its one of the risk factors for recurrence :( mine had loads of it i think. sorry if this is not much help to you but my understanding as the oncologist explaines was its like 'the plumbing' of the tumor that can lead to it spreading to the lymph nodes, but thankfully mine were clear. x


Thank you, I have alfeady made my mind up on further treatment because of it and it was a high grade rumor. Hope your treatment goes well. Lea xx

Yeah mine grade 3, thank you! I'm getting nervous now - d day tomorrow! X