Advice...fresh bleeding



Second post sorry! 


I had my colposcopy and biopsy on 19th dec and second colposcopy and Lletz on 13th Feb 2015.

I'd say roughly I had an off white/yellow watery discharge for about 7days. I then carried on my pill packets back to back as advised. I have then had browny dark red discharge/bleeding. Ive then had a small amount of the brown/black gritty stuff. 

Yesterday I probably did i bit too much as I thought Id be ok 2 weeks on from my Lletz. I went to work today and thought I'd be ok and this morning had the normal brown/dark red I then went to the toilet and found that I had started spotting fresh blood when I wiped it was fresh so Ive come home to rest.

I have some slight stomach cramps. It has had a slight smell as in you get a smell from your period like that but slightly different smell. Is this normal? Its not offensive.

Now its the weekend I dont know what to do? :-/


To add i've come home and lay down for an hour been to loo and it seemed to be watery again. Ive gone up and down the stairs to fetch something and popped back to the loo and its fresh again not pouring out but im concerned.

Hi Tash,

i have had Lletz 10 days ago and similary to you, the first 7 or so days i only had a slight yellow/light brown discharge. For the last 3-4 days i have had a little bit of light red/fresh blood. It is most likely becasue the scab/burnt area is now coming off. It is normal and you should not worry unless the bleeding is like a heavy period. :) 




Its a nightmare isnt it! To be honest ive not worried about anything throughout the whole process and just forgot about everything whilst iv been waiting on results etc. Today is 15days from my Lletz. I thought the brown bits was the scab and iv had brown/dark reddy discharge which ok fine. Its just this fresh spotting thats concerning me. Its almost like iv just cut my finger and dabbed it with tissue that red.


Dont know what to do as clinic and drs shut til monday. I dont know whether to stay off work keep my feet up or whats for best now. Being a womans great lol :)

I have been chilling too but i did have bath..twice already, lol! Little bleed is fine, i would not worry about it.  I remember when I had lletz the first time i was bleeding more than I am now....  But in do have red blood in the discharge, usually when i go to the loo (sorry for tmi!). But it is not like my period (whoch is always heavy) so I am not worried about it...

Ive resisted a bath was told not to have one!

The browny/dark red is more like my period not the fresh stuff. Just going to monitor it tonight giving work a miss tomorrow.

I think we should give up using TMI on this site without TMI we wouldnt ask anything lol.




yeah, i know re baths, but there is conflicting info on the net, some sources says it is ok: some says it is not. I did not put any bath products in the bath though :-).

When I have my period the first 3-4 days are literally like Niagara falls (I am size 8 amd 5'8tall) with bright red liquid blood then it slowly turns darker and thicker. (Silver lining is I never get any period pains) but we are all friend's period lasts 2 days and is just a thick brownish discharge (Lucky her!)

Just take it easy, I am sure it is nothing to worry about x

Yeah funny how everyone can be so different. Going to keep an eye on it had some abdo cramps tonight and going to monitor the smell. Just thought it was going so well thought it would get better i dont know. Its difficult to know whats the onset of infection or whats normal and no need to bother your gp.



Been to the Drs this morning and she did an examination hope its not irritated the wound :( and put me on 2 lots of antibiotics for the week.