Advice following LLETZ

Hi folks,

I had Colposcopy and LLETZ on 1st June. Bit of background:

Had LLETZ for CIN III back in Dec 2003 - clear margins and all smears following were normal until smear in October 2014 which showed mild dyskaryosis. Advised to return in 6 months. Smear in May 2015 showed moderate dyskaryosis so referred for colposcopy.

As I was advised I would receive an appointment within 8 weeks (in 2003 I waited 12 weeks) and anxious to get it all over with, I decided to go private. So a week after my abnormal smear result I had my appointment for colposcopy. During the colposcopy my consultant said that he couldn't see anything of concern but would carry out a LLETZ anyway. He said he would ring me and also write to me with the result within 2 weeks.

Last Thursday I received a copy of the letter my consultant sent my GP. It reads:

"Upon colposcopic assessment there really was no significant abnormality. Loop excision was performed in view Peanutbuttercups history and a smear taken. I will write to Peanutbttercup directly with the laboratory report". 

And here I am still waiting on the results even though it was 2 weeks yesterday since treatment. This concerns me and of course my mind is running away with itself giving me all sorts of crazy ideas as to why it's over the 2 week mark and I haven't heard anything. 

So my question is, based on what my consultant has said in his letter to my GP, should I be concerned about anything?

As always, your advice is much appreciated.

Much love xxx


I would have thought that if the lab report picked up anything strange, you would have heard about it by now. Most people who have had bad news seem to get a call earlier than they were expecting to receive results, asking them to make an appointment at the hospital. That you haven't heard anything is probably a good sign that the results are likely to be unremarkable :-)

Couldn't you ring the consultant and ask for an update? If you've paid to go private, hopefully he won't begrudge you that!

Good luck and hope you get some news soon


Thanks for replying moggsy,

Unbelievably my consultant has just called me with my results!! Despite the colposcopy showing no significant abnormality, my LLETZ result has come back as CIN III with CLEAR MARGINS! I am really happy about that and so glad that LLETZ was carried out there and then and I wasn't just monitored.

I just need to go back in 6 months time for colposcopy, smear and HPV test. Fingers crossed all will be well in 6 months.

I appreciate all the support I've received from this truly amazing forum.

Much love and the very best of wishes to all of you!


HI there

Great news, good that it's all gone! Mine went from borderline on the smear to CIN2 from the biopsies, so can't say I am too surprised by the change of grading .... seems to be quite common doesnt it.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you find the LLETZ? Was it pretty bearable? I've still got that to look forward to


Hi again Elise,

I had my LLETZ with a local anaesthetic and found it to be fine. The worst part for me is always getting the speculum inserted, even having a smear I hate that. But the LLETZ itself is pain free. It is a bit uncomfortable but that's just because of the position you're in, nothing else.

When they numbed the area I felt a slight scratch for a teeny weeny second but after that nothing.

It's all over very quickly, I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. I had this treatment done back in 2003 under the NHS and this time I went private. The only difference with going private is that you can seen when you want to be seen and follow up results are quicker. I can honestly say that with both the NHS and the private treatment, during the actual procedure both the doctor and nurse were brilliant. I think they know you are nervous and really do their best to put you at ease.

So in answer to your question "was it bearable" - ABSOLUTELY!

The best of luck and do let us know how you get on.

Peanut xxx

Hi, I had lletz done back in may I bled for about 3 weeks and then a week after it had stopped I got my period which lasted the normal time and stopped last Tuesday but today I started bleeding again just a bit, is this from the treatment do you think?

Hi Eh89,

The first time I had LLETZ in 2003 I was bleeding on and off for a while. It took about 8 weeks for everything to settle back down to normal. I think sporadic bleeding is quite commmon for some of us.

This time around I've not had too much bleeding so far and I had my LLETZ on 1st June.

I guess everyone is different but as with anything, if you're concerned speak to your GP.

Wishing you the best xxx

Thank you peanutbuttercup,
That helps. Think I’ll wait and see what happens next and hope it stops :slight_smile: