Advice, brachy schedule!!

Hi, just been looking at my schedule for treatments, it says on the 4th Aug I have CT intracavitary brachy followed by HDR, then the same the following day then the next day, all together over 3 days, could anyone give me advice on what to expect please feeling a little anxious about it, seems a while away but on 2 Nd week of my radio and chemo which I'm dealing with ok, then starting to panic about these other treatments now they are booked. Thanks.x


I can't answer your questions about brachy, but can maybe suggest you start taking at least 3 slow deep breaths when you start getting anxious. It doesn't change things but it helps the high anxiety level we all can develop. Yep, I have to remember to 'breathe' quite often. ;-)

Hugs and Good Thoughts For You,




Hi Caroline

I fully understand because I was also really anxious about the bracky treatment.   The treatments do vary, but mine was split 3 treatments in 8 days (although the 3rd treatment was cancelled).  

The process for me was a GA (I was out for about 30 mins)   whilst they positioned the 'rods', and then an MRI scan and CT scan to check the positioning.  After that I was taken to the radio 'machine' and the treatment took about 30 mins.   After the treatment the rods were removed and I was taken to the recover room for about an hour whillst I had something to eat and drink.   When I got home I had a lazy remainder of the day ......  All in all I didnt find the bracky to be anywhere near as bad or scary as I had thought it would be. 

If you have any specific questions I am more than happy to answer based on my experience - hopefully it will help you feel less anxious xx

Good luck with your treatment


Hi, when I last saw my consultant at the beginning of my treatment she said I would be in hospital for 3 days?, looking at my schedule it says CT brachy 12.00, then HDR at 4, then following day CT brachy 8.30, then HDR 12 then 4.30,then last day CT brachy 8.30 then HDR at 12.00, guessing I am staying in, not sure now as that would mean I'm hanging around or laying down all the time in between?, confused lots!!!

Hi Caroline

The treatment types do vary by hospital, depending on the equipment..... so probably best to check with your consultant or the radio staff, or the review nurse.....  All were really helpful at my hospital

Good luck xx

Hi Caz, my brachy was once a week for 3 weeks and I had a spinal anaesthetic, it was a long day as they scanned me each time and then had to wait for a plan to be drawn up, the actual treatment lasted about 15 minutes!

Sue xx

hi caz,

I am also booked in for HDR brachy next week, they re admitting me on monday and I will have on the tuesday i get the 'insertion' first thing followed by a hdr scan and then the treatment. The next day i will have another scan and then another treatment. From what Ive been told the rods sty in overnighgt. Once the rods are in we will be bedbound and given injections to prevent bloodclots. We wont be able to sit up or roll over and laughing etc has to be avoided which will be hard for me, im a bit of a giggler. The insertion will be done under anaesthetic and once they are removed we will be given gas and air and morphine to ease the pain. I think they tell you the worst so hopefully it wont be so bad. By thursday ill be left to go home for the weekend but that gets repeated for a minimum of 2 weeks but could be 5 weeks altogether so going to be dreary month stuck in the hospitl. I hope I havent scared you but I thought you should know all i know as it sounds like we are having similar treatment. hope all goes well for you hun... im sure we'll be fine lol just get in there and fight the damn thing innit!!! best wishes chick, pvt me if you have any questions xx