Advice appreciated. So worried!



I've been worrying myself sick for months now so would just like to hear some advice/opinions from others!

Last year, I went to the doctor complaining of pelvic pain.  They referred me to a OBGYN who did a full, thorough examination and asked a lot of questions. I told him that I'd been bleeding after intercourse for a while so he did my first ever smear (aged 24), took swabs for infection, did a rectal examination and did an internal ultrasound. 

The internal ultrasound showed a large complex growth in one of my ovaries so he booked me in for a laparoscapy for the following week. He said that he 'thought' that he felt something during the rectal examination but also said that my cervix looked 'normal'. 

Fast forward to after the surgery, the large complex growth was actually 3 different types of benign cysts however I was also diagnosed with advanced endometriosis (found in the pouch of douglas near my bowels) and adenomyosis.  He removed as much of the endometriosis as possible and pretty much said if my husband and I wanted children, we'd have to try soon. 

When I returned to my GP, he said that the PAP result came back clear but the swab results had been sent over to him and I had some sort of infection... I don't remember what it was exactly but I think he mentioned Gardnerella. 

Now... I took antibiotics that gave me ulcerative colitis (it was honestly never ending) and following this, the bleeding after intercourse completely stopped!! 

It was not long after this that I fell pregnant. 4 months into my pregnancy, I started bleeding after intercourse again.... intermittently. I'd also bleed after a difficult bowel movement. 

Because of the blood loss, I took myself to the hospital in a worry and when the doctor looked at my cervix, she said that it looked 'irritated' but didn't explain why!! 

I've since delivered a healthy baby girl 5 weeks but I'm now having watery discharge. I get pain (on and off) in my left hand side and I just don't feel quite right down below. 

I've been sent the letter to have my smear through NHS screening as i'm now 25 but I can't have it for another 7 weeks due to giving birth. 

I'm just so scared that my smear test last year may have been wrong. They didn't test me for HPV on the first smear I don't think so I've no idea whether I have it... 

I see so many people who have a mild smear result but are HPV positive and then go on to have a colposcopy and discover CIN 3 (and worse!)

Does anyone know whether the post-coital bleeding with CC is always present or intermittent? Surely, with the amount of doctors and midwives who have seen my cervix over the past 9 months, they would have flagged it up if something didn't look or seem quite right? Could the smear have been wrong?

Every doctor I saw with the bleeding during pregnancy would ask me when my last smear was and when I said last september, they'd just say oh that's okay then.... but I'm still very worried. 

Any advice would be really appreciated x  


I had stage 1a1 CC (which was microscopic and not visible if you just looked at my cervix) and I had no post coital bleeding. I did find sex a little painful sometimes but had put this down to my cervix tightening after elective c-sections. 

You can sometimes have symptoms and not have abnormalities or Cc or like me not really have any symptoms and have Cc. The main thing is if you do have symptoms you need them checked out so I think you need to call up and get that smear booked in for as soon after your 7 weeks as you can. If it comes back clear but you still have symptoms you must go back to your GP to report them.

Sorry to hear what a stressful time you have been through especially when you have a new little one xx