Advice anyone??

Hello all,

I had a leep procedure done a few weeks ago for adenocarcinoma in situ. I got my results and I was finally able to go over them with my doctor  today. So my results read that in part A(endocervical cutterage) had in minute fragment of aytpical glandular  cells, similar to cells found in part B which was the largest part taken from the leep were found, however part B margins are widely negative for endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ. With that being said, my doctor gave me 3 options. She said we can do the leep again, just to make its nothing since the pathologist couldn't really be sure, have a hysterectomy (which I'm not), or the wait and see approach. My frustration is reading from a non medical doctor standpoint that "however"' made the results from Part A insignificant and that clear margins means everything is gone. My doctor seems to think we should do another leep just to be sure and I told her no. I don't feel comfortable doing a leep on a just in case. Now if they would have said, this is significant and we need to remove it, then fine let's do it. But a what if or a just in case? I'm not comfortable with. I forgot to mention that in the notes It's a single fragment of atypical glandular cells. It something about a level one. I wish I could post the screenshot. Has anyone had this happen?? What did you do? All and any advice is welcomed!!


Why would you have more faith in a bunch of strangers on an internet forum than in a properly qualified medical doctor who's speciality is gynae oncology?

Be lucky :-)